2009/10 NCAA Dunk of the Year Tournament – Final Four

We’ve made it to the Final Four of the NCAA Dunk of the Year Tournament, and the Gerard Anderson train keeps on rolling. Both of the Cal State Fullerton product’s dunks have advanced to the semi-finals of the the tournament. Will we see an all-Gerard Anderson final? First he’ll have to get by Seattle’s Charles Garcia and Cincinnati’s Lance Stephenson.

Same voting rules as last round: you, the reader, vote for which dunk is the best between each pair (please only vote once per round – no ballot stuffing & if you don’t enter an e-mail address, your vote won’t count). Each round of voting will be open for a week and we’ll continue until we have crowned our champion. And, as an added incentive to vote, there will be prizes.


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SLAM magazine, the greatest basketball mag on the planet (due in no small part to my elegant prose frequently gracing its pages) has donated a SLAM prize pack (t-shirt, magazines, etc.) as a prize and, as well, we’ll also be giving away the always stylish Hoops Manifesto t-shirts. Every time you vote on a dunk you will be entered in the draw for a prize. To earn additional entries, retweet this article on Twitter or post a link on your Facebook page and we’ll give you an extra entry in the draw.

Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

Voting for the Final Four round ends Sunday, May 9th at midnight Eastern. Voting ballot at the bottom of the article.

Game 1: Gerard Anderson (1) vs Charles Garcia

Gerard Anderson:


Charles Garcia:


Game 2: Lance Stephenson vs Gerard Anderson (2)

Lance Stephenson:


Gerard Anderson:


Voting on this round has concluded – please check out our championship final here.

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