2012 NBA Draft Profile: Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard
Weber State – Junior (Born 1990)
Point Guard
6’3″ 195lbs

The Good:

– big-time scorer
– can score in multiple ways (driving to hoop, pull-ups, three-pointers)
– real good three-point shooter (40.9%)
– great at getting to the free throw line (8.0 attempts/game)
– automatic from the charity stripe (88.7%)
– solid rebounder
– good at creating steals
– efficient scorer

The Bad:

– played in a small conference so didn’t go up against the best competition
a good, but not great athlete
– not a true point guard – looks to shoot first
– takes a lot of shots
– missed almost all of 2010/11 season due to a broken foot

NBA Comparison: 

George Hill/Jerryd Bayless

The Skinny:

In a weak point guard class, Damian Lillard has seen his draft stock soar.  While he still needs to become more of a “pure” point guard due to his lack of size to play the off guard spot, Lillard has plenty of potential to become a solid NBA scorer.  He very well may be the first point guard who hears his name called by David Stern in a few weeks.

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