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2012/13 NBA Team Rankings & Previews: #11 Philadelphia 76ers

#11- Philadelphia 76ers

2011/12 Record: 35-31, lost Eastern Conference Second Round

2012/13 Projected Record: 48-34, playoffs  

Key Additions:

Royal Ivey – Point Guard
Jason Richardson – Shooting Guard
Nick Young – Shooting Guard
Andrew Bynum – Center
Kwame Brown – Center

Key Departures:

Andre Iguodala – Small Forward
Elton Brand – Power Forward
Louis Williams – Shooting Guard
Jodie Meeks – Shooting Guard

Depth Chart:

Point Guard: Jrue Holiday, Royal Ivey
Shooting Guard: Jason Richardson, Nick Young
Small Forward: Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young
Power Forward: Spencer Hawes, Lavoy Allen
Center: Andrew Bynum, Kwame Brown

The X Factor:

Evan Turner

The #2 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft showed incremental progress last year, his sophomore season.  Can Evan Turner take the next step toward stardom this year?


For a successful team, the Sixers made some drastic changes this offseason.  But in the process they got the second best big man (some would say THE best big man) in the NBA in Andrew Bynum, and still kept key young pieces like Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner.  If Bynum can stay sound (mentally and physically), this team could be dangerous for years to come, especially in the Eastern Conference.

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