2012/13 NBA Team Rankings & Previews: #17 – Utah Jazz


#17 – Utah Jazz

2011/12 Record: 36-30, lost Western Conference First Round

2012/13 Projected Record: 41-41, playoff contender  

Key Additions:

Randy Foye – Shooting Guard
Marvin Williams – Small Forward

Key Departures:

Devin Harris – Point Guard
C.J. Miles – Shooting Guard
Josh Howard – Small Forward

Depth Chart:

Point Guard: Mo Williams, Jamaal Tinsley
Shooting Guard: Gordon Hayward, Randy Foye
Small Forward: Marvin Williams, Jeremy Evans
Power Forward: Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors
Center: Al Jefferson, Enes Kanter

The X Factor:

Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward recently stated that his goal is to be an All-Star, which would be quite the accomplishment considering the two stud big men on his team, Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, haven’t even earned that honor yet.  But if Hayward can continue to evolve and improve his game, he will give the Jazz a nice backcourt threat to compliment their stable of big men.


This is a very nice looking team when you glance at their roster.  They definitely need backcourt help (cough – point guard – cough), but their foursome of big men could be among the league’s best.  Marvin Williams is a nice addition to the team, and Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter ooze with potential.  An under-the-radar threat in the West.

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