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2012/13 NBA Team Rankings & Previews: #2 Los Angeles Lakers

#2 – Los Angeles Lakers

2011/12 Record: 41-25, lost Western Conference Semifinals

2012/13 Projected Record: 62-20, playoffs  

Key Additions:

Steve Nash – Point Guard
Jodie Meeks – Shooting Guard
Antawn Jamison – Power Forward

Key Departures:

Ramon Sessions – Point Guard
Matt Barnes – Small Forward

Depth Chart:

Point Guard: Steve Nash, Steve Blake
Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant, Jodie Meeks
Small Forward: Metta World Peace, Devin Ebanks
Power Forward: Pau Gasol, Antawn Jamison
Center: Dwight Howard, Jordan Hill

The X Factor:

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard isn’t really the X factor – Dwight Howard’s back is.  If Howard can stay healthy and dominant all year, the Lakers are going to be next to impossible to deal with.


When you have the history and the resources that the Lakers do, you can keep your team relevant pretty much in perpetuity.  The Lakers reloaded big time in the offseason, and now have the best collection of talent in the NBA.  So what’s keeping them from the #1 spot in our preseason rankings?  The looming threat of injuries.  Howard’s aforementioned back.  Kobe Bryant is constantly ailing (although it doesn’t stop him from suiting up for games).  Steve Nash is 38 and has a spinal condition (and doesn’t have the magic powers of the Suns’ medical staff at his disposal any more).  If this team stays healthy, there’s no reason why they won’t be the last team standing next June.  But given the age, miles on the odometer, and injury history of some of their key players, that is a big ‘IF’.

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