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Bloguin NBA MVP/ROY Voting, Volume 3


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest NBA player of them all?

Is it King James with his strength and his grace?

Or Kobe Bryant and his evil game face?

Dwight Howard with his arms of steel?

Or Kevin Durant, full of youth and zeal?

If the answer is what you crave, my dear,

Then continue reading – Bloguin’s NBA MVP/ROY voting is here.

(word to Leaping Lanny Poffo)

leaping lanny poffo


This round of voting was conducted by: Jeff Fox of Hoops Manifesto, Mookie from A Stern Warning, College Wolf from TWolves Blog, Gene Zarnick of Favre Dollar Footlongs, Michael De Leon from Project Spurs, Ezellion from The Blue Blitz, Zach Harper of Talkhoops.net, Lives from Knicks Fanatics, Sean Francois of Hoops Heads North and Don from With Malice.


1) LeBron James (99 points)

He hasn’t walked on water yet or turned water into wine but I hear he’s saving that until the post-season.

Zach Harper, Talkhoops.net

2) Kevin Durant (80 points)

I predicted it preseason, OKC is gonna make the playoffs!  And they will be led by my man-crush KD.  Oh, and he’s scored at least 25 points each game for like 8,931 consecutive games. STUD.

College Wolf, TWolves Blog

3) Kobe Bryant (78 points)

Don’t believe that how well L.A. are doing sans Kobe means that Bryant isn’t amongst the elite of the elite this season. The Lakers are just doing what all elite teams do: win.  And throughout this season, #24′s been a very big part of that.

Don, With Malice

4) Carmelo Anthony (55 points)

His scoring is up about six points per game, but his willingness to pass and leadership make the Nuggets go – maybe this year all the way to the Finals. Then Carmelo will no longer be the afterthought of the Lebron-Wade draft class.

Michael De Leon, Project Spurs

5) Chris Bosh (37 points)

He’s going to look great on whatever team Dwyane Wade chooses.                                                                                               

Zach Harper, Talkhoops.net

6) Dirk Nowitzki (35 points)

People keep on forgetting about this guy. Listen - he’s still amazing.

Mookie, A Stern Warning

7) Dwyane Wade (32 points)

He’s putting together another classic D-Wade year in perhaps his swan song season in South Beach.

Jeff Fox, Hoops Manifesto

8) Dwight Howard (29 points)

Dwight’s a beast, of that there’s no doubt.  But I can’t see him ever being higher than this while he continues to allow Shaq to take up residence in his head.

Don, With Malice

8) Steve Nash (29 points)

Nash is quietly having the best season ever for a 36-year-old point guard.

Jeff Fox, Hoops Manifesto

10) Tim Duncan (25 points)

If this is what washed up looks like, I’ll take it. Sure the Spurs may be floundering in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference, but keep an eye on Duncan. He’s been solid all year long and is the rock of this Spurs team. Just when we were ready to hand the reins over to Tony Parker, Duncan shows us he’s still got plenty left in the tank.

Michael De Leon, Project Spurs

Others receiving votes: Brandon Roy (11), Deron Williams (11), Joe Johnson (8), Chauncey Billups (7), Zach Randolph (6), Chris Paul (4), Derrick Rose (2), Paul Pierce (1), Josh Smith (1).


Rookie of the Year

1) Tyreke Evans (50 points-unanimous pick)

Barring any injuries, this race is over and has been for months. Tyreke Evans has been the best offensive and defensive rookie this year.

Zach Harper, Talkhoops.net

2) Brandon Jennings (36 points)

He still manages a system and offense better than any other rookie. But the defense and shooting concerns have to be … well… a concern.

Zach Harper, Talkhoops.net

3) Stephen Curry (28 points)

Can’t ignore what he’s doing, even though his numbers are inflated by Nellie-ball.

College Wolf, TWolves Blog

4) Omri Casspi (11 points)

Plays like a seasoned vet — which he almost is. Take note kids, playing overseas first helps. Just ask Young Money.

Mookie, A Stern Warning

5) Jonny Flynn (7 points)

Flynn and Syracuse are both enjoying fine seasons apart from one another.

Jeff Fox, Hoops Manifesto

5) DeJuan Blair (7 points)

ACLs?  He don’t need no stinking ACLs.

Jeff Fox, Hoops Manifesto

Others receiving votes: Jonas Jerebko (4), James Harden (4), Taj Gibson (1), Serge Ibaka (1), Ty Lawson (1).


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