Bloguin’s 2011 National Player of the Year


With the NCAA regular season coming to a close and the NCAA Tournament just around the corner, it’s time for awards week at The Hoops Manifesto.  We’ve teamed up with some of the best NCAA writers on the web to vote on who gets the (virtual) hardware.  We finish up with: National Player of the Year

Voters: Jeff Fox from The Hoops Manifesto, Flounder from Leftover Hot Dog, Philip from Rise Northwestern, Marco Radenkovich from Horns to the Hardwood and Ray Bala from The Can Ball Report.

2011 Bloguin’s NCAA National Player of the Year

Adam Morrison.  Stephen Curry.  Jimmer Fredette.  All “mid-major” players with major game who made themselves household names over the past few seasons, but none more so than Jimmer.  First the attention was due to his unusual name – then it was due to his unusual game.  For his lights-out shooting, his mind-boggling scoring totals and his ability to push BYU basketball to new heights, Jimmer Fredette is Bloguin’s 2011 NCAA National Player of the Year.  And to think, we held the voting for the award before he went off for 52 points last night!

Other awards: All-American Teams, Coach of the Year,  Freshman of the Year, All-Freshman Team.

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