Book Review: The Best American Sports Writing 2012

No, I know what your thinking – The Best American Sports Writing 2012 isn’t just a printed version of The Hoops Manifesto.  But I’m flattered, nonetheless (hey – it’s my website – I get to decide what you are thinking).  Actually, The Best American Sports Writing is exactly what it’s title suggests – a collection of the best writing on sports from the past year.  This year’s guest editor is none other than NBA talking head Michael Wilbon.

While there are articles on a whole range of sports included in the book (my favourite is, surprisingly, on cricket), I’m assuming you are mostly interested in the ones involving that round, bouncy ball we love so much.  Basketball is well represented in this year’s edition, once again.  There’s a piece on Allen Iverson and his brief foray into international basketball in Turkey (where he spent his down time hanging out at T.G.I. Friday’s in Istanbul), and a similar article on Stephon Marbury and his efforts to build his brand in China.  Add in a story on “Lady Magic” Nancy Lieberman becoming the first female to coach a pro men’s basketball team, a blood boiling article on the hypocrisy of big-time college athletics, and a piece on the origins of the high five, and there’s plenty for a hoops fan to dig into.

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