antawn jamison warming up la clippers

Call To The Hall: Antawn Jamison

antawn jamison warming up la clippers
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We’ve hit the dog days of the NBA summer.  All the big name free agents have been snatched up.  Summer league is over.  Training camps are still weeks away.  So now is the perfect time to reminisce a bit over current NBA players’ career accomplishments to see if they are Hall of Fame worthy or not.  Next up: Antawn Jamison


Antawn Jamison

Career NBA Averages: 18.5 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 1.6 apg, 1.0 spg, 0.4 bpg

NBA Accomplishments:

– two-time NBA All-Star
– one-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year
– NBA All-Rookie Second Team

NBA Top 50 Career Stats:

– minutes played (44th)
– field goals (40th)
– field goal attempts (30th)
– three-point field goals (49th)
– three-point field goals attempted (41st)
– offensive rebounds (42nd)
– defensive rebounds (41st)
– points (39th)
– turnover % (2nd)

College/International Accomplishments:

– one-time consensus National Player of the Year
– two-time AP All-American (1st Team once & 2nd Team once)
– bronze medal FIBA World Championship

Statitudes Hall of Fame Standard (average Hall of Famer scores 50): 41


The initial, knee jerk answer to the question of whether Antawn Jamison is a Hall of Famer or not is a ‘no’.  But when you dig deeper, things get murkier.  He’s lasted a long time in the NBA, and save for the last two seasons, has produced at a very high level consistently.  He ranks way up there on the NBA career leader list for many key stats, including scoring.  And he has a bunch of collegiate player of the year awards and a bronze FIBA medal to his name.  But for long stretches of his career, he wasn’t even the best player on his team, and never really played on good teams.

Verdict: Nope

Call To The Hall

Amar’e Stoudemire


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