Cats Running Wild

Maybe this doesn’t exactly come as a newsflash, but John Wall and the Kentucky Wildcats are really, really good. What Calipari’s crew did to North Carolina in the first half today was extremely impressive, as they made a top-10 team look like a junior varsity. I said at the starting of the season that Kentucky was the only team that had a chance to match up talentwise with Kansas, and I’m certainly not backing off that statement now. The fact that Carolina caught up and made it a close game right until the final buzzer only shows that Kentucky, like Wall, are a work in progress. But, mon dieu, when Kentucky is running on all cylinders are they ever a thing of beauty. And it all starts with the man driving the car, the aforementioned John Wall. But even more impressive might have been Kentucky’s defense, as they harassed the Tar Heels into a seemingly endless string of turnovers and bad shots. And, once again, the D is triggered by Mr. Wall.

If you were to build a point guard prospect in your secret laboratory, John Wall should be your prototype (except your point guard would probably have bolts in its neck and would turn out to be evil and use your head for ball-handling drills). Size, strength, speed, athleticism, handles, passing, poise, defense- the kid is the complete package. And unleashed in the open court, he is a Tasmanian devil, whirling and exploding to the rim. Carolina saw first hand today what a demon he is with a head of steam, as he relentlessly pushed the ball to the rim, either finishing strong or dishing to a teammate. That said, he still was some work to do – he needs to become more consistent with his long-range shooting touch and needs to cut down on the turnovers, but after viewing today’s game I was thoroughly impressed. In fact, I’m ready to proclaim him the best NBA point guard prospect to come along since Chris Paul, which is heady praise when you consider all the young, talented 1’s currently roaming the NBA hardwood.

That’s right, I said it – JOHN WALL IS BETTER THAN BRANDON JENNINGS. JOHN WALL IS BETTER THAN DERRICK ROSE. And, if history proves me to be wrong, I’ll just go and edit this story. Isn’t technology wonderful?!


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