Driven to Distraction

The Los Angeles Lakers alievated a big headache today when they traded away the uber-talented but uber-head case known as Andrew Bynum.  And they replaced him with….. the uber-talented but uber-head case known as Dwight Howard.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Make no mistake about it – Howard is a much better player than Bynum at both ends of the floor.  But the problem – and the headache – comes from his contact situation.  He only has one year left on his current deal, and reportedly will not re-sign a new deal with the Lakers before testing free agency next summer.  So what does that all mean?  A full season of “will he stay or will he go” drama surrounding Dwight in La La Land.  It isn’t so much the risk that Dwight will terminate his stay in L.A. after only one year – after all, he can make much more money re-signing with the Lakers than bolting to another team.  The risk here is that the distraction and drama surrounding Dwight’s pending free agency will derail the Lakers legitimate run at the NBA title.  And make no mistake about it – the question of Dwight’s future with the team will come up every single day until a new deal is signed.

But, then again, this is the franchise that has dealt with drama surrounding Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Metta World Peace and the like in the past, so a little Dwight drama will be no big deal, right?  Keep your fingers crossed, Lakers fans.


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