Hoops Headlines: Dec 14, 2011

While you are snug in your bed, with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, The Hoops Manifesto is scouring the internet for all the hoops news you need to know.  Here are your Hoops Headlines for Dec 14, 2011.


– Just when it looked like Dwight Howard might actually stick around in Orlando, talks of a four-team trade with the new Superman ending up in New Jersey have surfaced.

– Chris Paul, justifiably angry at the league for squashing trades that would have allowed him to leave New Orleans, looks prepared to take legal action.

– And don’t count the Lakers out just yet in the race for Howard and Paul.

The Nuggets have re-signed free agent big man Nene – five years and $67 million for the Brazilian.

– The fight for free agent Jamal Crawford’s services has come down to three teams – Portland, New York and Sacramento.

– Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer got shipped from Big D to the Mile High City yesterday.

– I sure as hell wouldn’t want Kevin Garnett mad at me like he is with David Stern.  Good luck with that, Mr. Stern.


– Did Xavier’s president throw holy water on Xavier fans during the Cincinnati-Xavier brawl this past weekend?!

– There’s no return date in sight for injured Ohio State star Jared Sullinger.

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