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How Did He Get A Rap Shout-Out?!

(Danny Brown photo courtesy of ryankozie)

It used to be a badge of honor for a basketball player to get a shout-out in a rap song.  It was further indication that a player had finally “made it”.  But now?  Things done changed.  Now even obscure journeymen are finding their names on the tongues of today’s rappers.

SPIN magazine recently posted an article ranking NBA teams based on the number of shout-outs their players have gotten.  But what I found most interesting from the article are the amount of mediocre NBA talent that are getting love in the rap world.  Some highlights, courtesy of SPIN:

Kyle Korver

“I met somebody daughter, played in her water
Salty and I’m not Kyle Korver”

Fish Scales of Nappy Roots (“Ride”)

Jamaal Tinsley

“20’s with the rims, B-custom knitted Bentley
And everything we do they assist like Jamaal Tinsley”

Foxy Brown (“Stylin’”)

David Lee

“It’s all left-handed like David Lee
All for free, pick it up, I used to think I get a chick that looked like Amerie”

The Kid Daytona (“On the Hill”)

Drew Gooden

“Being good is good, that’ll get you Drew Gooden
But me, I want Jordan numbers, LeBron footin’
Can’t guard me, Vince Lombardi, John Wooden”

J. Cole (“The Return of Simba”)

Anderson Varejao

“‘Remain focused,’ is what I tell myself now and then
Don’t wanna go back to that block like where Varejao defends”

Joell Ortiz (Slaughterhouse “Sound Off”)

Samardo Samuels

“I’m in Ohio watching Kyrie and Samardo hoopin’
Work loud, chokin’, all your reefer, it’s soft-spoken”

Stalley (“Home to You”)

Trevor Ariza

“Keep askin’ for tequila, but ‘we don’t order tequila’
When I’m in the club, I ball like Trevor Ariza”

Ali of Travis Porter (“10 Bottles”)

Hakim Warrick

“I’m playin’ for the Bucks like Hakim Warrick
Nickel-baggin’ the bar, my team on it”

Inspectah Deck (“Gunshowers”)

Timofey Mozgov

“Wonder rap, hovercraft, sky fly effortless
Fuck around and sit on top of Mozgov neck with it”

Skyzoo (“Rap Like Me”)

Arron Afflalo

“I used to be jealous of Arron Afflalo
He was the one to follow”

Kendrick Lamar (“Black Boy Fly”)

Chris Duhon

“Damn, that was too strong, these niggas getting pooped on
When I get my Duke on, crossover like Chris Duhon”

The Game (“Red Bottom Boss”)

Kirk Hinrich

“And then I get behind it like I’m tryna do the Heimlich
She heard that I be rhyming and I’m ballin’ like Kirk Hinrich”

Short Dawg (Short Dawg, feat. Lil Wayne “Money in My Pocket (Remix)”)

Udonis Haslem

“I’m just trying to crash the boards like Udonis
Blow some chronic now she all up on it”

Danny Brown (“Change”)

Big up: Deadspin

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