Jeremy Lin More Popular Than Tim Tebow?

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Want definitive proof that Jeremy Lin has “made it”?  I just got a press release announcing that you can place wagers on the New York Knicks guard’s popularity. has posted prop bets on how many jerseys Lin will sell and whether or not he will outsell Tim Tebow’s NFL jersey sales.

Jeremy Lin has captured the public and the media’s mind,” professional oddsmaker Dave Johnson states.  “Forbes Magazine has even named him the “World’s fastest growing athlete brand”.  We created two types of prop bets for Lin’s explosive rise in the NBA. The first is a money line bet where you have to predict if Jeremy Lin’s jersey will outsell NFL player Tim Tebow’s jersey sales. The second prop bet, is based on Lin’s jersey making the Top 10 best selling list in sales for Each year, releases the most sold jerseys in the NBA, so we’re going to be using the information from this list to grade the bets. The props are fun, exciting and could generate serious action if Lin continues to play the way he has.”

So if you are the betting type, here are the early lines:

Will the Jeremy Lin jersey rank higher in sales than the Tebow jersey?

Yes +600
No -800

* Tebow jersey ranked #2 at from April 1st to December 31st 2011. In order for ‘yes’ to win Jeremy Lin would need to have the #1 selling Jersey in the NBA this season according to Sales will be calculated from opening day until the end of the season. We will use the official ranking list to grade this wager

Will the Jeremy Lin Jersey be a top 10 seller this NBA season?

#10 seller + 550
#9 seller + 600
#8 seller + 650
#7 seller +700
#6 seller +750
#5 seller +800
#4 seller +850
#3 seller +900
#2 seller + 950
#1 seller + 1000
Not in the Top 10 + 100

* Results based on’s official best seller jersey list released after the regular season. The sales calculations begin at the start of the NBA season.

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