Mario Chalmers Is Bad At Counting

Freshly minted NBA champion Mario Chalmers has stated that he thinks he’s in the “front end of the top 10″ among point guards in the NBA today.  In related news, Mario Chalmers has really bad basic math skills.  Like, for instance, the ability to count to ten.  Either that, or he thinks that Chris Paul retired.  And Rajon Rondo.  And Deron Williams.  And Derrick Rose.  And Tony Parker.  And Ricky Rubio.  And Russell Westbrook.  And Steve Nash.  And Kyrie Irving.  And Mike Conley.  And Ty Lawson.  And Stephen Curry.  

And Jrue Holiday.  And Kyle Lowry.  And Brandon Jennings.  And John Wall.  And…….

Good luck with the standup comedy career, Mario.


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