NBA Big Questions: Week 17


Every Monday during the NBA season The Hoops Manifesto and its Bloguin bredren team up to answer some of the burning questions from the world of the NBA. In this edition we name our All-NBA Team after the first four months of play, decide whether the Carmelo Anthony-New York Knicks marriage will be a successful one and decide whether Michael Jordan could still fill up an NBA scoreboard. 

Contributors: Jeff Fox from The Hoops Manifesto, Philip from Orlando Magic Daily, LIVES from Knicks Fanatics and brumbygg & Don from With Malice.

All-NBA Team (after four months of play)

Guard – Derrick Rose, Chicago

“Everyone thought it was humorous – or extremely arrogant and delusional – when Derrick Rose proclaimed in the preseason that he wanted to win the MVP award.  Guess the joke was on us.” – Jeff Fox

Guard – Dwyane Wade, Miami

“Despite having to share his team with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade is putting up stellar numbers and has been as explosive as ever.” – Jeff Fox

Forward – LeBron James, Miami

“See Wade, Dwyane.” – Jeff Fox
Forward – Amar’e Stoudemire, New York

“While the Knicks and Stoudemire have cooled off a bit since their scorching start to the season, Amar’e’s performance this season – both on and off the court – has been eye-opening.” – Jeff Fox

Center – Dwight Howard, Orlando

“Far and away the best center in the Association, and probably will be for the next decade or so.” – Jeff Fox

2) The Knicks are scraping along at around a .500 clip since acquiring Carmelo Anthony – will the Melo experiment work?

“If by “work” you mean win a championship, then no, at least not how this team is currently constructed.  Offensive-oriented small forwards have never led an NBA team to a championship (Paul Pierce was a decent defender for the Celtics title winner; Rick Barry led the League in steals the year he led the Warriors to the chip); the same can be said about offense-first, defense-last big men like Amar’e.  With both those players earning max money, how can the Knicks build a championship team around them?  The answer – they can’t.  But, all that being said, they will be competitive and will be fun to watch, which is a lot more than could be said about the Knicks in past years.” – Jeff Fox

“Hell no.  As I’ve said before: NYK have gutted their team to put a guy who plays next to no defense next to a guy who plays next to no defense.  What did people THINK was going to happen?” – Don

“I wouldn’t quite call it an experiment.  Tracy McGrady with the Knicks was an experiment.  Carmelo Anthony joining the Knicks is certification that the Knicks are a work in progress.  Like any work in progress, the end result depends upon future developments.  The arrival of Melo makes it more likely that the Knicks will become championship competitive at a faster clip than they would have without him.  With the right bench, point guard, center and coach, they can make some positive history.” – LIVES

“It probably will, but not this year. The Knicks team desperately lacks a shooter who can spread the floor and hit three-pointers whenever Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire run the pick and roll. Landry Fields and Tony Douglass are nice players, but hardly great shooters. It puts a lot of pressure on Chauncey Billups to do more and he is somewhat limited now as he gets older. New York still has a lot of team building to do to get this team up to a championship level.” – Philip

“The word ‘experiment’ is misleading in this case. It’s like the old joke about bacon and eggs – the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. The Knicks are pretty well committed to making Melo and Amar’e the centrepieces of this franchise. But right now the decision to gut the franchise to obtain Melo is not paying dividends. You make this kind of change and you expect to be doing more than playing .500 ball.” –

3) Paul Silas recently stated that Bobcats owner Michael Jordan could still average 15-20 points/game if he played in the NBA.  Agree or disagree?

michael jordan charlotte bobcats

“Not a chance.  It’s one thing to play well in practice with the Bobcats like Jordan did recently; it is another kettle of fish to play at that level in an NBA game at the age of 48, when he wouldn’t be wearing the number 23 (or 45) on his jersey but rather a bullseye.  But Charlotte fans should hope that Jordan does suit up for the Cats in a regular season game – he probably would do less damage to the franchise on the court than he is doing off of it.” – Jeff Fox

“I’ll call BS on that.  I don’t think he could log the minutes required.  Sure, he might have the stroke, and he might be playing at the local rec center at a very high level… but there’s a big jump from that to the NBA – I very much doubt that the wheels have the kinda speed needed.  I hope to hell it never eventuates.  I think it’d end up being kinda sad.” – Don

“Of course, it’s impossible to tell unless you see him play, but the word on the street, near the gyms he plays in with Oakley and other ballers, is that he is still very competitive and very smart.  He could probably average 15-20 per game, if he played much less than 82 games and managed his playing time.  The more significant question is can he average 15 points and play solid defense in the same game.  Does he still have the lateral movement and speed to hang in what really is a young man’s league – although the champs are usually older than average.” – LIVES

 “Jordan said he could still play. Who am I not to believe him? Michael would be severely limited defensively but that is not why he would come back. Jordan, with some work to get in shape, could probably be crafty enough to score that much. His competitive fire would not rest until he did.” – Philip

“Rocky 5, Rambo 4, Batman and Robin, Superman 4, Look Who’s Talking Now, Karate Kid 3, Highlander 3, The Godfather III, Jaws 3 and 4…… Can you see where this one is heading? Only MJ could make the sequel almost as good as the original, but MJ 3 – Time of the Wizard(s) was pretty lame. Does anyone really want to see MJ 4 – Bobcats Ain’t No Pussies??? I think MJ would struggle to get open, struggle to a hit a shot over any of the semi-elite defensive players in the NBA and not have the legs to take it to the hole. Let’s hope and pray that he doesn’t get it into his head to give it a go.” – brumbygg

4) Game of the Week – pick the winner – Thurs, Mar 10th – Lakers @ Miami

Record so far: 8-7
Lakers (three votes to two)

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