Book Review: Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success by Phil Jackson

For a guy who is supposedly retired from the NBA, Phil Jackson still gets more publicity than 99.9% of the current coaches in the league (and most of the players).  Much of his recent exposure has been due to his latest literary release, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success.

Part memoir, part behind the scenes tell-all, part coaching/management strategy guide, part spiritual/religious counsel, Jackson (along with co-writer Hugh Delehanty) covers a lot of ground in Eleven Rings.  In fact, it covers his whole life, including his time as a player in the NBA where he won two more rings with the Knicks (apparently Thirteen Rings didn't have the right…. ring to it for a title).  The book is an excellent piece of work, and basketball fans will revel in the behind the scenes stories from Jackson's time coaching the Bulls and the Lakers to 11 NBA championships.  With fresh insight from the main players on those teams, including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, this book is a delight to read.  And Jackson's coaching and spiritual philosophies are also quite informative and insightful.

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