The Beautiful Game

lebron blocking durant nba finals

It can be such a beautiful game when it is played at its highest level.  The athleticism.  The teamwork.  The awe-inspiring plays.  It truly is The Beautiful Game. No, I’m not talking about football/soccer – this site isn’t called The Footy Manifesto, after all – I’m talking about basketball.  And these NBA Finals have been a thing of beauty.

 Well, maybe beauty isn’t quite the right word – Miami only shot 38% last night yet still won – but no denying these Finals have been incredibly exciting and compelling.  This Miami Heat-Oklahoma City series was thought of no less than the dawning of a new era of the NBA heading into it, and it has lived up to that billing.  Each of the three games have been neck-and-neck, down to the wire affairs.  We’ve seen superstars play up to their billing (we’re not talking about you, Mr. Wade).  We’ve seen Kevin Durant and LeBron James go head-to-head at both end of the floor, which we rarely get to see – two superstars actually going up against each other on the court and not just in the off-the-court hype.  The telecasts of the games are drawing huge ratings.  You really couldn’t ask for more.

It’s a beautiful thing.


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