The Jump Ball: Chris Paul vs Derrick Rose

the jump ball

Do you have the NBA Lockout blues?  We feel your pain and have a cure for you.  The Hoops Manifesto has gathered together Bloguin’s best basketball writers for a new feature called: The Jump Ball.  We toss two current NBA players into the air and ask the simple (yet complex) question: which of the two players would you choose to play for your fictional team next season.  You only have this player for one season and one season only.  So, who ya got: Chris Paul or Derrick Rose?

Voting Panel: Voting panel: Jeff Fox from The Hoops Manifesto, College Wolf and BonK from the TWolves Blog, Don & brumbygg from With Malice and Ezra from the Purple and Gold Blog. 

Consensus: Toss Up


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“You can keep your MVP award and dazzling dunks – I’m taking Chris Paul over Derrick Rose in this debate every time, and for numerous reasons.  Chris Paul just oozes leadership – everything about him, whether it be his work ethic, his enthusiasm, his passion – screams “leader”, which is what you need from your point guard.  And I’m not sold on Derrick Rose running a championship-level team…. yet.  “Shoot first, ask questions later” point guards like Rose just don’t win NBA championships - no championship-winning point guard has led his team in field goal attempts since 1990 other than Tony Parker.  Rose has already led the Bulls in shots every season except his rookie one; Chris Paul never has led the Hornets in shots.”  – Jeff Fox

Derrick Rose – I love me some CP3, don’t get me wrong.  And I think he’s probably the better “pure” PG.  But Rose is younger and has a little bit more room for growth I’d say.  Plus he doesn’t have the injury/knee concerns that Paul does.  That’s a tough choice though, you really can’t go wrong with either guy..” – College Wolf 

Chris Paul.  At first glance this seems a bit preposterous, turning down the reigning league MVP, but I would roll with CP3 for next year.  Obviously both are incredibly gifted players, but at this point in their careers I think that Chris Paul is a more poised and controlled player who does a better job of making his teammates better.  He single-handedly won two playoff games against the defending champs this spring, and when I say single-handedly, I mean exactly that.  If I am building a championship team right now for next season, I think CP3 can blend better with other great players.  He can set things up, distribute, make big shots, and defend better than D. Rose.  Don’t forget how Rose got shut down by Miami last year in the playoffs.  I don’t see that happening to CP3.” – BonK

“This one is pretty close, but I’ll go with Derrick Rose. He’s a more dangerous scorer, bigger, more athletic, quicker, faster, has better stamina and doesn’t have problems with his knees like Paul.” – Ezra

“On choosing between Chris Paul and Derrick Rose, it all comes down to one number for me.  And that’s how many games is Chris Paul likely to miss?  Because for all his vaunted point-man prowess, he possesses a frail left knee.  Either way – on impact on the court I think that at the moment, they’re pretty much a wash.  Rose‘s youth and durability give him the nod for me.”- Don

“Kobe vs Wade took quite a bit of thought and processing of information to arrive at a choice that left plenty of conjecture either way. Amar’e vs ‘Melo took quite a bit of thought and processing to determine who would have less downside. CP3 vs D-Rose is on the same level as Kobe vs Wade. Here you have two outstanding PGs, both with tremendous athleticism and ability, both with international gold medals, both with league honours….  Rose has an edge in PPG, but CP3 has significantly higher RPG, APG and SPG and this is the tie breaker for me. These are the numbers that I want to see from my PG so I’m taking CP3.”- brumbygg

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