The Real Big Three Rankings: Final Standings


The results are in – which NBA trio was the most productive this season for their team?  No real shock – Miami’s LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh produced more wins than any other team’s top threesomes.  But the results did bring to light a few surprises.  Here’s the final edition of our The Real Big Three Rankings.

(Rankings based on top three Win Share earners per team.  Number in brackets is team’s ranking in previous update)

1 (1) Miami LeBron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh 38.7
2 (2) Lakers Pau Gasol-Kobe Bryant-Lamar Odom 35.1
3 (4) Boston Paul Pierce-Ray Allen-Kevin Garnett 30.6
4 (5) Chicago Derrick Rose-Luol Deng-Joakim Noah 29.7
5 (6) Oklahoma City Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook-Serge Ibaka 29.0
6 (3) New Orleans Chris Paul-David West-Emeka Okafor 28.2
7 (9) Orlando Dwight Howard-Jameer Nelson-Ryan Anderson 27.5
8 (7) Dallas Dirk Nowitzki-Tyson Chandler-Jason Kidd 26.9
9 (8) San Antonio Manu Ginobili-Tony Parker-Tim Duncan 25.8
10 (10) Portland LaMarcus Aldridge-Wesley Matthews-Andre Miller 25.3
11 (11) Memphis Zach Randolph-Marc Gasol-Mike Conley 25.0
12 (15) Houston Kevin Martin-Kyle Lowry-Chuck Hayes 22.8
13 (12) Denver Nene Hilario-Ty Lawson-Arron Afflalo 22.5
14 (16) Philadelphia Elton Brand-Andre Iguodala-Thaddeus Young  22.3
15 (13) Utah Al Jefferson-Paul Millsap-Deron Williams 22.2
16 (14) Atlanta Al Horford-Josh Smith-Joe Johnson 20.7
17 (17) Clippers Blake Griffin-Eric Gordon-DeAndre Jordan 20.3
18 (19) Minnesota Kevin Love-Luke Ridnour-Anthony Tolliver 18.7
18 (20) Phoenix Steve Nash-Jared Dudley-Marcin Gortat 18.7
20 (21) Golden State Stephen Curry-David Lee-Monta Ellis 18.6
21 (18) New York Amare Stoudemire-Landry Fields-Danilo Gallinari 18.2
22 (23) Indiana Danny Granger-Josh McRoberts-Mike Dunleavy 16.3
23 (22) New Jersey Brook Lopez-Kris Humphries-Devin Harris 15.1
24 (27) Detroit Greg Monroe-Rodney Stuckey-Tayshaun Prince 14.9
25 (24) Charlotte D.J. Augustin-Boris Diaw-Gerald Wallace 14.6
26 (26) Milwaukee Andrew Bogut-Luc Mbah a Moute-John Salmons 14.5
27 (25) Toronto Amir Johnson-Ed Davis-Jose Calderon 13.4
28 (28) Sacramento Beno Udrih-Francisco Garcia-Samuel Dalembert 13.1
29 (29) Washington JaVale McGee-Nick Young-Trevor Booker 10.7
30 (30) Cleveland Ramon Sessions-Antawn Jamison-Daniel Gibson 9.4

The King: How good a season did LeBron James, who led the League in Win Shares (15.6), have?  He produced more wins by himself than the top trios on the bottom eight teams in our rankings did.  And every player in the top 20 in Win Shares this year produced more on their own than the King’s previous team’s, Clevelands, top trio did.

A Child Shall Lead: Five rookies were among the top three Win Share earners on their team: Blake Griffin (led the Clippers), Landry Fields, Greg Monroe (led the Pistons), Ed Davis and Trevor Booker.  No real surprise with Griffin, Monroe or Davis – all were lottery picks, but Washington (via a trade with Minnesota) and New York looks to have gotten real value late in the draft with the acquisitions of Booker and Fields.

Surprise, Surprise: There are quite a few names on the above chart that no one would have predicted at the starting of the season.  The ones that stood out the most to us (other than rookies) would have to be Ryan Anderson, Wesley Matthews, Chuck Hayes, Arron Afflalo, DeAndre Jordan, Luke Ridnour, Anthony Tolliver, Jared Dudley, Marcin Gortat and Josh McRoberts, who all made the list due to a combination of their own stellar play and underachieving teammates.

M.I.A All-Stars: Of the 25 players selected to play in this year’s All-Star Game, three of them didn’t make the final Big Three Rankings: Rajon Rondo, Carmelo Anthony and Yao Ming.  Yao didn’t play this year, so he’s excluded, and Rondo has three All-Star teammates ahead of him in Boston’s rankings, so no real shame there.  Carmelo is the real underachiever, as even earlier in the season while he was still with Denver he wasn’t one of their top three producers, and for the year his 7.9 Win Shares only ranks him 31st in the NBA (who is in 30th place, you ask?  Melo’s teammate, Amar’e Stoudemire).

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