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We’ve hit the dog days of the NBA summer.  All the big name free agents have been snatched up.  Summer league is over.  Training camps are still months away.  So, now is the perfect time to reminisce a bit.  The Hoops Manifesto has gathered together a stellar collection of Bloguin basketball writers to determine the top ten players all-time for each of the 30 NBA franchises.  Next up: the NBA’s youngest child, the Charlotte Bobcats.

Voting panel: Jeff Fox from The Hoops Manifesto College Wolf from the TWolves Blog, Don from With Malice, Diego from Leaving It All On The Court, Philip from Orlando Magic Daily, Mookie from A Stern Warning, WhiskeyDizzy from The Real Shaq and Ed Isaacson from NBA Draft Blog.

10) Nazr Mohammed – Charlotte Bobcats – 2008 – present

Bobcats accomplishments:

– NBA leader in games played in 2007/8

“No all-time NBA list would be complete without Nazr Mohammed on it, right?!” – Jeff Fox

“Mohammed has not only been an effective big man for the young Bobcats team, he has done a great job as a team leader and mentor for the newer players.” – Ed Isaacson

9) Boris Diaw – Charlotte Bobcats – 2008 – present

Bobcats accomplishments:

– NBA leader in games played in 2009/10

“One of the most gifted, versatile players in the NBA.  Unfortunately, also of the the biggest underachievers.” – Jeff Fox

8) Primoz Brezec – Charlotte Bobcats – 2004 – 2007

Bobcats accomplishments:


“Far and away his best two seasons as a pro were with the Bobcats in 2004/5 and 2005/6.” – Jeff Fox

“The quiet-achieving big man has his name scattered all over the Bobcats’ young career-leaders register. His scoring and rebounding was a consistent staple during three-and-a-half years in Charlotte.” – Mookie

7) Brevin Knight – Charlotte Bobcats –  2004 – 2007

Bobcats accomplishments:


“The diminutive point guard took the reigns of the point guard spot during Charlotte’s first season, becoming a very good distributor and averaging a career-high nine assists per game during the 2004-05 season.” – Diego Quezada

“One of the few sub-six-footers that have survived in today’s supersized NBA.” – Jeff Fox

6) Matt Carroll – Charlotte Bobcats – 2005 – 2009

Bobcats accomplishments:


“Laugh all you want, but Carroll is in the all-time top five in 11 career statistical categories for the Bobcats.” – Jeff Fox

“Unheralded, Carroll is one of the top 2 shooters in team history, and the kind of player who made it possible to spread the floor for other players to score.” – Ed Isaacson

 5) Jason Richardson – Charlotte Bobcats – 2007 – 2008

Bobcats accomplishments:

– NBA leader in games played, threes made and attempted in 2007/8

“Richardson was the first big-time scorer Charlotte ever had and he made the Bobcats somewhat legitimate in the pre-Stephen Jackson days. Even though he was a shell of himself by the time he got to Charlotte, Richardson was a nice bolt of energy for a year or so to that franchise.” – Philip

“Richardson is clearly one of the better players the Bobcats have ever had, even though his time in Charlotte was short. He put up 21 ppg and 5 rpg while there.” – WhiskeyDizzy

4) Stephen Jackson – Charlotte Bobcats – 2009 – present

 Bobcats accomplishments:


“He’s played less than a season for the Bobcats, but the early-season trade helped catapult Charlotte from a bottom-feeder to a playoff team, similar to how Chauncey Billups turned Denver from a playoff team into a contender. He can shoot jumpers, rebound, defend, score from the post and pass; he can do it all.” – Diego Quezada

“If Larry Brown can’t be on this list, Stephen Jackson might as well be. Charlotte’s acquisition of Jackson early in the 2009-10 season put them over the top and into their first postseason. “Captain Jack” gave Charlotte some much needed personality and melded so nicely in to the team’s defensive mentality.” – Philip

“10 seasons, six teams, Captain Jack may not be everyone’s cup of tea (or drink of choice), but there’s no denying the impact that he had upon joining the Bobcats.  Sporting a good defense, Charlotte had long floundered offensively… until Jacko arrived – and he provided the engine that the ‘Cats lacked – dragging them by the scruff of the neck to their first ever playoffs (’10).” – Don

3) Raymond Felton – Charlotte Bobcats – 2005 – 2010

Bobcats accomplishments:

– Bobcats career leader in threes (made & attempted) and assists
– NBA leader in games played in 2008/9
– NBA All-Rookie Team selection

“This coming season will mark the first that Raymond Felton hasn’t been the starting point guard for the Bobcats.  He’s a good defender, solid point man… but an inefficient scorer.  Despite being a decent enough player, yet another pick for Charlotte that never hit the lofty heights expected of him when he was drafted.” – Don

“The top point guard in the franchise’s short history.  Felton did his best to put the team in position to win games with is passing and defense.” – Ed Isaacson

2) Emeka Okafor – Charlotte Bobcats – 2004 – 2009

Bobcats accomplishments:

– Bobcats career leader in rebounding (offensive, defensive & total) and blocks
– NBA leader in games played in 2007/8 and 2008/9
– Rookie of the Year
– NBA All-Rookie Team selection

“Despite his solid play for Charlotte, you can only imagine the different NBA world we would live in today if Orlando had drafted him first overall in 2004 and left Dwight Howard for the Bobcats to take.” – Jeff Fox

“Had five very good seasons in Charlotte and was the Rookie of the Year.  He’s overpaid, but that doesn’t diminish his production.” – College Wolf

“The Franchise’s first ever draft pick, Okafor played hard every night and never complained about the lack of talent he was surrounded by.” – Ed Isaacson

1) Gerald Wallace – Charlotte Bobcats – 2004 – present

 gerald wallace  kobe bryant

Bobcats accomplishments:

– Bobcats career leader in games, minutes played, field goals (made & attempted), free throws (made & attempted), steals and points
– NBA leader in steals per game in 2005/6
– NBA All-Star
– NBA All-Defensive Team selection

“One of the most unique players the NBA has ever seen, and the best Bobcat of all-time.  Not bad for a player picked up in the expansion draft.” – Jeff Fox

“The most underrated player in the League who finally was awarded spots on the All-Star team and the All-Defensive team, Wallace is a tenacious defender and a dynamic scorer. Once seen as a walk-on for the Sacramento Kings, Wallace emerged as one of the key components of the team’s first-ever trip to the playoffs.” – Diego Quezada

“Crash IS the Bobcats. Dude is the first thing I think of when I think of that team. He leads the franchise in a stack of categories and gives them a chance to compete every time he is on the floor.” – Mookie

“‘Crash’ is energy personified.  Unfortunately, he’s also well-deserving of his nickname.  Verily, Wallace’s key strength is also his Achilles’ heel: his willingness to throw himself into the fray, personal safety be-damned.  Phenomenally reckless, along with Cap’n Jack lead the ‘Cats to their first ever playoff appearance in 2010.” – Don


Previous franchises done: Atlanta, Boston.

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