What I Did On My NBA Lockout: Kevin Love

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One of the side effects of the NBA lockout is hundreds of NBA players with hours of extra time on their hands.  While most players are spending their time on obvious pursuits (exhibition basketball games and/or charity endeavours and/or travelling to Third World countries to hock shoes – BORRRRRRRING!!), some are taking advantage of this rare abundance of free time to pursue more exotic undertakings.  In memory of the “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” essays we all got to write in school, The Hoops Manifesto honours these brave players with our “What I Did On My NBA Lockout” feature.  Next up: Kevin Love 

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What are the two most common knocks on Kevin Love’s game (other than he pads his stats)?  Definitely that he is unathletic (by NBA standards) and that he is out of shape (aka he’s a fatso, by NBA standards).  Well the haters should take note at what Love has been up to during the NBA lockout, as chronicled in his blog for Grantland.  No, we’re not talking about him beating Chris Bosh at Call of Duty, or him earning his open-water diving certification, or him travelling to China.  How about the fact that he is under 240 pounds for the first time since he was 14-years-old?  Well that takes care of the “out of shape” rap.  Now, for the unathletic part – Love spent part of the summer playing a professional sport other than basketball.  Love participated in the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball series in Manhattan Beach, California.  While Love and his partner, nine-year pro Hans Stolfus, lost their only match, they did lose to the eventual winners of the tournament.  Sadly, Love chose not to show off his new beach body by wearing Speedos. Sigh.

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