What I Learned Last Night: Nov 8, 2012


Every night (well – perhaps not EVERY night) I’ll be firing up my NBA League Pass and scanning that night’s box scores to bring you, my beloved reader, what I learned from the NBA that night.  Because the internet was invented for knee-jerk, totally premature, irrational reactions to things.

Brothers in Chucking

Now that they’ve finally lost a game, it isn’t uncouth to complain about this – the Bucks backcourt of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis are taking an average of 36 shots a game, and are shooting a sizzling 36% from the field.  Now that’s a winning formula.

The Whirling Dervish

Denver’s Kenneth Faried has to be one of the most exciting players in the league to watch play.  The man is just endless energy, flailing his body (and ample hair) around the court.  No rebound is safe with Faried in the area.  As the stat geeks predicted, the Nuggets made a great late first round draft pick when they grabbed the big man from Morehead State last year.

The Chariot Has Turned Into A Pumpkin

The Rockets much ballyhooed backcourt of Jeremy Lin and James Harden have come back down to earth.  Over the past two games the duo has shot a combined 20-61 from the floor (33%) and turned the ball over 16 times.

Surprise, Surprise

The Timberwolves and their faithful have to be thrilled with the team’s play in the early going.  Minnesota is off to their best start in over a decade at 3-1, despite their two most important players, Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio, on the bench in street clothes.  They’ve done it via a team effort, with six players averaging at least nine points a game.

Put Fields Out To Pasture

The Raptors decision to sign Landry Fields to a contract in the offseason worth almost $19 million over three years was universally panned.  And it looks like the critics knew what they were talking about.  On a team desperately in need of production from the small forward spot, Fields has managed only 2.4 ppg and shot 20% in 21 minutes a night.  Brutal.

Utah 95, Lakers 86

Now is it ok for everyone to panic, Kobe?

A Statement Game?

While it is probably too early for a “statement game”, the Clippers spanking the previously unbeaten Spurs by 22 points last night is very impressive.


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