What Just Happened Here?!

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Wait a second – what just happened here?!  The Dallas Mavericks, NBA Champions?!  No way.  Maybe five years ago, but certainly not in 2011.  Not with a 37-year-old point guard who has played more minutes than anyone else currently in the NBA.  Not with Jason Terry as your only other scoring threat outside of Dirk Nowitzki.  Not with Nowitzki injuring his finger and getting sick in the Finals.  Not with Dirk shooting 1-12 in the first half of Game 6.  Not with LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade lining up on the other side of the court.  Not with a European leading the way (they’re supposed to be soft and not championship material, right?).  Not if Dallas has to play the Lakers in the Playoffs – there’s no way they can beat the Lakers.  Not with Mark Cuban owning the team – the NBA and the refs will never let a blowhard, blogging troublemaker like him win.  Not by having to beat LeBron – he’s better than Michael Jordan, after all.  Not with Dirk Nowitzki as your best player – he’s a choker in the clutch, right?

To the most unlikely NBA Champion since the 2004 Pistons, kudos.

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