Shoe Review: adidas Adipure Crazyquick

The latest trend of lighter, quicker basketball shoes continue with the release of the adidas Adipure Crazyquick (which hit the shelves today – May 1st).  While I'm already crazy enough, the quick aspect I could use some help with, so I'm a big fan of these kicks.  They are a snug fit (almost like a sock) and extremely light, yet very durable and give plenty of ankle support.  I've loved all of adidas's recent releases, but the Adipure Crazyquick just might be my favourite.  They're light, supportive, have good traction on the court, and are easy on the eye.

Now for the technical info, straight from adidas's press release:


Crazyquick technology features four unique quick zones in the outsole that work with the upper to provide maximum traction and flexibility for quick movements on court. The flexibility and direction of herringbone traction and 17 unique, diverging and independent pods play a specific role in allowing players to be quicker: 
Toe zone delivers quicker push-off through engineered gradual flex material and forward and backward traction orientation
Forefoot zone ensures quick cuts and aggressive lateral movements through independent suspension allowed by increased flexibility of outsole, lateral traction orientation and stretch and return of TECHFIT upper 
Midfoot zone provides enhanced support through an increased surface area and lateral traction to provide stability while allowing the foot to flex  
Heel zone allows for quick multi-directional stopping through engineered flexibility and forward and backward traction 
adidas dedicated design and engineering precision to each facet of the shoe – from the heel to the toe – to deliver new technology that helps make players quicker.  In addition to the unique four quick zones, Crazyquick features the following performance elements:
First-ever TECHFIT upper, built specifically for basketball movements, enhances stability while providing stretch and return for comfort and performance 
3D molded collar to provide contoured fit and comfort
New heel notch design for greater range of motion during quick movements
Enlarged, re-engineered SPRINTFRAME moderates movement and provides optimum support  
Lightweight 11.25 ounces, one of the lightest mid-cut basketball shoes in the game 
Crazyquick endured extensive research and testing by the adidas Innovation Team (aIT), who examined more than 1,000 discrete basketball movements and tested the shoe’s performance with elite athletes to develop the technology. Most notably, the shoes were comprehensively tested and received extremely positive feedback from NBA players and NCAA teams including Louisville, Wisconsin, UCLA, Cincinnati and Baylor. 
adidas adipure crazyquick soles
And if my word and adidas's word isn't good enough for you, perhaps A$AP Rocky can persuade you:



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