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Shoe Review: Ektio Breakaway

Ektio, the athletic shoe company that produces basketball shoes with built-in ankle support, have released their latest model – The Breakaway.  So we got our main man, Dave 'College Wolf' Kelseyto take the kicks out for a test run.  But first, all the specs about the shoes from the Ektio press release:



Ektio Launches Next Generation Model Shoe

New model, promoted by NBA legends Rick Barry and John Starks, offers enhanced comfort, performance and ease of use

New York, NY (January 15, 2013) – Ektio Athletic Shoes, the leader in revolutionary ankle support technology, has announced the launch of their new shoe, “The Breakaway” which improves upon previous models through enhanced comfort, performance, and ease of us.   Additionally, a secondary but equally important benefit of the ankle support technology has been a noticeable increase in shooting efficiency for basketball players.

BRAND    Ektio™

ESTABLISHED   March 2009

PRODUCT LINES  The Wraptor, The Post Up, The Breakaway

DESCRIPTION  Ektio™ is an athletic performance shoe company with products designed to provide maximum ankle support.

DESIGNER  Omar Bailey, a world class independent shoe designer who has previously designed shoes for former pro athletes including Alan Houston and Gary Sheffield.

STUDIES    The results indicate that the new shoe allows significantly less inversion as compared to a standard basketball shoe. The new shoe was found to have significantly less effect on all other ankle motions, indicating no interference with function in these other directions. Also in preliminary studies with a lace-on brace, it was found that the new shoe provided equivalent support in inversion as the lace-on brace. However, the interference of the Ektio™ shoe with motion in other directions, particularly in internal rotation, was much smaller than that of the lace-on brace.

    Study performed by Dr. Sorin Seigler, Ph.D. 2/20/10, Drexel University


And now, for Mr. College Wolf's review of The Breakaway:

– I like the black and gray look of the shoe, it's sleek but not too "busy."  While the design is far from the most important aspect to me, I do want a shoe that at least looks cool. And these certainly fit the bill in that regard.
– Upon first glance the "Revolutionary Ankle Support Technology" may look a little bulky and heavy out of the box, but once they are strapped on the shoes they feel very light and are quite comfortable. More comfortable than I had expected them to be, for sure. The straps are high quality and appear that they will last through the life of the shoe, even with heavy wear from using them most days of the week, as I do.  After they are strapped up, the shoe no longer looks "big" or "bulky" at all, and I am sure most people won't even realize their function. The straps and technology don't add extra weight to the shoe, as I said they are quite light and comfortable. 
– The built-in ankle brace technology provides nice support for ankles, although probably isn't *quite* as supportive as wearing dedicated heavy-duty basketball ankle braces. Although, ankle braces add extra weight to your feet, and at times can be somewhat uncomfortable. In my personal experiences, the brace technology in this shoe is far superior to wearing no braces or light-duty independent ankle support. So in that regard I give the shoes a huge personal recommendation and passing grade. 
– It's a little bit of effort to get them laced and braced up, but once they are on your feet they feel great, and it's worth the "work."  I greatly prefer wearing these shoes than having to lace up independent ankle braces on both ankles before playing. And really, the amount of time to put the shoes on is less than putting on ankle braces and a different pair of shoes.
– If you are someone that has problems with ankle sprains/injuries, or just someone that wears ankle braces as precautions, then I would highly suggest these shoes as a viable alternative and (hopefully) solution.  With these shoes you no longer need to wear braces, as the technology does a fine job supporting your ankles as advertised. All in all, I think it's a well designed and comfortable shoe.
Buy a pair here: Ektio.com

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