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Shoe Review: Spalding Slash

While there is no denying that the name 'Spalding' is synonymous with basketball, it is mostly due to actual 'basketballs' and not anything else.  That may start to change, with the company's release of their first performance basketball shoe, the Spalding Slash (conveniently pictured above).

Here's a bit of info on the shoes, straight from Spalding:

  • Spalding Slash
  • D30 Technology in the heel and forefoot serves as a “rebound” for return energy while jumping
  • Produced by Mercury International, a leading provider of footwear sourcing solutions, through a licensing agreement with Spalding
  • Brand Ambassadors: Jimmer Fredette, Sacramento Kings; Mario Chalmers, Miami Heat;  Chris Singleton, Washington Wizards
  • Athletes provided most of the feedback for constructing the shoe. Examples:
  1. Mario sometimes drags his toe on crossovers, so he asked that the toes have reinforced rubber.
  2. Jimmer is a heavier guy for a guard, so he wanted a very stable shoe vs. one that is super light, aka, rips apart easily
  • Retail partners will include select Finish Line stores, and
  • $89.99

It's funny that the shoes aren't technically considered 'super light', because one of the first things I thought when I slipped on my pair (other than thinking how comfortable they immediately were – no working them in needed) is that the shoes felt really light on my feet.  So maybe they aren't classified as 'super light', but they definitely aren't 'super heavy' either.  They're comfortable, light, have good ankle protection, and are easy on the eyes (at least in my opinion).  And while they probably won't make you shoot like Jimmer or Mario, you won't be disappointed putting on a pair of Spalding Slash.  And at $89.99, they won't make you (or your parents) take out a second mortgage on your house.


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