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The Degenerate Bet Of The Day: Mar 29th

pile of money(1)

Mr. Manifesto doesn’t gamble on sports, but I know of plenty of people who do.  This includes the mysterious Barry Oh, who I’ve recruited to give his basketball bet of the night every night for you degenerates out there.  Every night we’ll bet an imaginary $100 on our pick, and will keep a running total throughout the season to see how Mr. Oh does.

Today’s Picks:

Clippers +1 vs Houston
(Clippers to win outright)

“I’m not sold on Houston being a top tier team and Patrick Beverley being injured won’t help their cause either.” – Barry Oh

Bet: $100 (pays $186.95)

Last Bet: Mar 28th – Indiana -2 at Washington – LOSS

Record: 54-50
Profit: -($10.59)


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